About Us

Our Vision
To be a church family based on New Testament principles where a high priority
is placed on the Word of God, on his Spirit and on prayer and which seeks to
see lives changed through sharing the good news of Jesus.

Our Values
We are a Christ Central Church – part of New Frontiers
●Being – friends enjoying God together
•A church where people are assured of the grace of God and where all aspects of church life reflect this grace.
•A church which places a high value on the quality of relationships with one another. We see ourselves as a family together, where all are welcome, cared for and able to feel at home whatever their age, background or personal circumstances.
●Building – churches empowered by word and spirit
•A church where the Bible is seen as the inspired word of God and where regular teaching and preaching is important.
•A church which is at the centre of God’s purposes and is being built on the principles of the New Testament.
•A church where praising God is our highest priority. We seek to worship in spirit and truth and every member of the church is encouraged to contribute.
•A church which expects to see the presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings and desires God’s spiritual gifts for the empowering and strengthening of the body.
●Advancing – the kingdom and transforming the world
•A church which wants to make ‘disciples’ of every member through teaching on a Sunday and in mid week meetings. We want to see everyone growing in their relationship with God so they can be effective witnesses.
•A church where prayer is seen as essential and we meet regularly to pursue God, seeking his will for our lives and bringing Him our requests.
●Reaching – nations, making disciples
•A church where we strive to share the good news of the gospel with the unsaved within our families, friends and the community.
•A church which encourages all to give of their time, effort and money to extending the work of God’s kingdom locally and globally.